Street Boys Rehabilitation


AMNA in November 2010 responded to an urgent request by the Redeemed Christian Church of God mission to support and help rehabilitee street boys in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Four boys were selected and called the “Jesus Boys”.  Funds raised were used rehabilitate, support and empower them to be self-sufficient.


  • Luc Olama: Interested in driving a taxi, Africa Missions North America (AMNA) paid for his driving training and permit.
  • Patrick Sidje : Interested in professional football, AMNA sponsored him to join and train as a professional footballer.
  • Elvis Yemeli: Interested in welding, AMNA paid his welding apprenticeship fees and tools. He now resides in Equatorial Guinea where he is gainfully employed.
  • Clovis Tegha: Interested in catering, received support to establish a mobile food cafeteria, serving breakfast at a roadside spot.

In July 2016 AMNA team visited Yaoundé, Cameroon in July 2016 and met with Clovis Tegha, he has completed his secondary school education and pursuing an Advanced Level diploma and working part-time in the RCCG Regional office in Yaoundé. He expressed his gratitude to AMNA for helping him off the streets and is committed to assisting others in need in the future.


AMNA, Office of the RCCG Regional Coordinator to Central African Region, RCCG Cameroon


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