Educate a Child Program


The Redeemer’s Int. Bilingual Nursery and Primary School (RIBNUPS) is a bilingual school that offers a rich educational curriculum that also encompasses moral Instructions.   The current location of the school is not conducive due to the decay of the building, space and sanitation as a result, AMNA desires to build a new building facility for the school for the comfort and wellbeing of the students.


This school is oversubscribed because of the high success rate among graduating students. This project has also helped in the alleviation and reduction of poor education. A greater impact will be recorded in the lives of children in the community, when the proposed school is completed. 


$300,000 (estimated total based on architect drawings and quantity surveyor’s submissions)

Total donations received from donors total $105,000


AMNA, Office of the RCCG Regional Coordinator, Central African Region, RCCG Cameroon and individual donors


This project seeks your support in completing and enhancing its sustainability.


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