Community Center


Brief Summary

Central African Republic (C.A.R.) is land-locked within the African continent and the is third poorest country in the world!  Bangui is its capital city and the nation depends heavily on multilateral foreign aid and numerous NGOs to provide and support basic needs and services.

In March 2010, Africa Missions North America (AMNA) visited a mission of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Bangui and found that some vital and basic hygiene needs were lacking at the mission site that also serves as a community center.   The ban on the use of residential houses for any gathering together by the government meant that the church premises served as the main community center for all activities.   This facility serves as an important rallying point for the locals, hosting a ‘Feed the Poor’ program quarterly.

However, the premises lacked pipe-borne water for drinking and sanitary purposes and there were no toilets.  The community center floor was not concretized and was muddy during the rainy season and very dusty in the dry season.  There was no administration office to coordinate activities and the security fence for the center was uncompleted, making the center unsafe.   Neighbors in the locality regularly dumped refuse in the front yard of the church creating a health hazard for both children and adults.

AMNA has intervened and executed some vital life-changing projects at the community center as follows:

  1. Provided pipe-born water and completed much needed toilets to improve sanitation. Drinking water is also now available for all who use the community center.
  2. The walls of the center were plastered and the ceiling finished.
  3. A security fence was built around the premises, making it more secure to stop the many instances of break-ins.
  4. Plastic chairs for more comfortable seating at the facilities were provided to replace benches.
  5. The facility was painted for visibility.

Cost: $10,900